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The world is waking up to the power of Bittensor. Read syndicated publications from recognised news outlets & journalists.

Tao Stats

Taostats data collection, analytics and visualistion provides a window into the data layer and blockhain strucutre of the Bittensor eco-system.

Latest Projects

The Open-Source Bittensor Ecosystem is quickly growing. Explore new and exciting projects, or submit your own!

Latest Bittensor Videos

When you’re on the move, our podcast archive has got you covered. Keep up to date on everything Bittensor with our collection of TAO videos and interviews from DreadBong0, Bittensor Hub, and others here.

Are we missing something? Contact us to submit your video or channel to our archive.

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Verified Validators

Delegate your $TAO to help secure the Bittensor network, earn generious rewards, and support the validators that support the Bittensor community.



International, multi-disciplinary team of consultants and advisors



Supporting through data provision, statistics and analytics.

Opentensor Foundation

Opentensor Foundation

Governing entity for the Bittensor project.


Bittensor operates as a mining network akin to Bitcoin, featuring inherent incentives carefully crafted to motivate computers in facilitating efficient and censorship-resistant access to machine learning models.

Bittensor Articles

The Bittensor Ecosystem is for everyone. Our Community Articles archive coalates the feedback and opinions of different community members and leaders for others to learn from and discuss. If you have written an opinion piece that you’d like us to showcase, or would like to write for TAO.News, please contact us.

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RoundTable21 have a curated network of world class functional experts with vast knowledge and extensive hands-on experience connected by shared values and vision for the future of decentralised technology. Our strength is in our diversity, experience, integrity, loyalty, and trust in one another.

Our exclusive focus is on Tier 1 projects that exemplify exceptional levels of technical innovation, integrity, and long-term growth. We prioritize projects that are dedicated to driving the adoption of blockchain technologies, effectively addressing real-world challenges. Bittensor not only meets these criteria but surpasses them, embodying all the essential qualities we seek and more.