📣 Official Bittensor Update (2023-11-29T18:44:39.338000+00:00)

Hey @everyone ,
Another exciting announcement. Our new website just went live with completely **new developer documentation**. We brought in one of the best technical documentation writers in the world to build this with us and we’ve thrilled with the results: https://docs.bittensor.com/ 😍 . These docs are accessible from our official website https://bittensor.com/.

Massive thanks to our frontend team, everyone that put in time after hours reviewing thousands of lines of technical documentation, and of course our techical writer Raj ( @rk2657 ).

Any feedback or comments you have regarding the docs can be sent directly to [email protected].

We are planning to **release again before the end of the year** with more technical docs including **complete API references for bittensor and the subnet template**, as well as a hands-on tutorial on how to build your own subnet. To see what’s new in the docs check out https://docs.bittensor.com/whats-new-in-docs.
This is part of a bigger initiative at the foundation to educate our community on this growing technology and reduce barriers to entry for everyone. Expect youtube shorts, presentations and lots of other content in the coming weeks and months.

crux (CTO @ Opentensor Foundation)content_scan_version: 1
description: Welcome! Bittensor is a protocol for decentralized subnets. Each subnet is an incentive-based competition in action. Subnets run on blockchain and constitute the core of the Bittensor ecosystem. The rewards for subnet participants are in the form of TAO tokens.
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title: Welcome | Bittensor
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description: Internet-scale machine learning
title: Bittensor
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