📣 Official Bittensor Update (2024-01-17T11:22:53.866000+00:00)

GM @everyone!
We have just published a new release of the **Bittensor Wallet **add-on for Chromium based browsers. In the new version we have redesigned the dashboard and the transfer and stake flows to be more intuitive and to show more data important for these operations. We also fixed multiple smaller bugs and improved the performance of the entire application.
Download it here: https://chromewebstore.google.com/detail/bittensor-wallet/bdgmdoedahdcjmpmifafdhnffjinddgc

If you are already using Bittensor Wallet,** it will update automatically** in the next few hours.

We would like to remind you that the last month of the transition period has passed and **the legacy web wallet will stop working in a few hours**. Remember to import your account in the Chrome add-on using your previously saved mnemonic seed, or to create a new account and send funds to it from the web wallet if you don’t have access to your seed.
Michal & The Opentensor Team