📣 Official Bittensor Update (2024-01-31T17:58:34.731000+00:00)

Hello @everyone,

Yesterday at approximately someone was able to gain access to a member of the foundation’s account (@steffen.cruz ) and post a fake announcement regarding Bittensor transitioning to ERC-20 standard, then posting a fake website in an attempt to steal Tao from the community.

Thankfully, we were able to ban the offending account and delete the announcement within minutes, however to any unfamiliar members of the community I will issue this reminder: **Our announcements and discussions will forever be about the protocol, its designs and upgrades, and the Opentensor Foundation.** We will never post announcements asking you to do things with your Tao like transferring and staking. If something looks fishy, it likely is, trust your guts.

@steffen.cruz ‘s account has since been recovered and his identity verified since this morning and we are in the process of bolstering more security measures. We caught it quickly this time, there shouldn’t be a next time.


Opentensor Foundation