📣 Official Bittensor Update (2024-04-25T23:01:00.908000+00:00)

Hello @everyone

As discussed during the Novelty Search talk, on , we will be conducting a chain upgrade to Subtensor, bringing it up to Spec Version `146`.

Among various bug fixes and improvements to reduce block slow-downs and chain bloat, this upgrade includes the following:

1) A new hyperparameter: `nominatorMinRequiredStake`. Presently, there are over `10,000` nominator accounts that are producing read/write operations on the order of tens of millions per day, bloating up the chain and slowing block production during epochs as a result. This hyperparameter allows for the adjustment of the minimal stake required for a nominator account. This upgrade will set the new hyperparameter `nominatorMinRequiredStake` value to `1 TAO`, and will unstake all nominator accounts with stake less than `nominatorMinRequiredStake` and remove them from the calculations during epochs, thus reducing the slow-down effects on block production.

2) Rate limiting to staking and unstaking transactions to avoid chain spam. Initial value will be **one** stake/unstake every `360 blocks` for a given hotkey and coldkey.

3) A migration to reset the `TotalIssuance` by summing up the balances, stake values and lock values, and fix the total issuance adjustments during tao burns.

4) Reject registrations when the limit for number of registrations is larger than `targetRegistrationsPerInterval` *before the transaction enters the pool*. This value is set at `64 registrations` per interval today.

5) Modification to the stake rate limit tracking to be based on the coldkey **and** hotkey rather than just the hotkey. This provides more freedom to users while enforcing rate limiting to avoid chain abuse.

We will review the effects on the network and adjust accordingly in the coming days.


@shibshib & Opentensor