Set for the Launch of Bittensor Revolution

Hey @everyone

We are ready for the launch of revolution tomorrow. Some updates:

1. In order to create a smooth transfer on subnet 11 and subnet 1 we will be turning registrations off on these two subnets for 48 hours to allow validators /miners to transition.

2. We have changed the number of allowed subnets at launch from 9 to 12 to encapsulate subnet 11 and to increase access for new teams.

3. We have also reduced the initial subnet creation cost from 2500 to 1000 tao with. This value and subnet registration cool off likely to change over the coming month to allow for more developers to enter as things reach equilibrium

4. We will also be introducing a subnet 1 immunity to ensure that this network cannot be deregistered in the first 2 weeks.

5. We are very excited for everyone to participate here. Looking forward to seeing everyone here in the discord TGIFT channel for the planned 2pm EST upgrade.

Happy mining,
– const