Bittensor Revolution Upgrade Successful

Hey @everyone

We have successfully upgraded to Bittensor Revolution with the following major updates:

1. Bittensor’s code base has been majorly overhauled to 6.0.0 now on master. To upgrade from source read the documentation on this link: To upgrade from pip run the following command

python -m pip install –upgrade bittensor

2. Subnet 1 and 11 have been upgraded to use the new revolution branch. To run miners or validators on either of these subnets you need to install bittensor 6.0.0 (above) and then follow the steps outlined in the repo below

Note ALL miners and validators are required to upgrade to the newest branch or suffer consensus divergence and incentive loss. For the next 48 hours registrations have been turned off on these subnets to help this transition.

3. Bittensor’s chain spec version is upgraded to 133. The new chain includes the root network through which 64 delegates can set emission weights across subnetworks. To register into root, see active root members, and participate in Bittensor Root by setting weights, use the following commands

btcli root register # To join root
btcli root list # To list current members
btcli root weights # To set emission weights

The top 12 members of root based on total stake are given automatic senate votes. All members become delegates by default and can accept nominated stake.

4. Subnetwork creation is now available on the chain. For now, subnets require a competitive lock cost, which currently sits at 1.9k TAO. The locked funds are returned to the creator when the subnet is deregistered. There are 12 available slots which will fill up slowly over the next two weeks.

To create a subnetwork, first follow the steps here to define your mining and validating techniques.

Then use the following commands to register your subnet

btcli subnet create # To create a new subnet.
btcli subnet list # To see the current subnets

Note subnet creation is currently rate limited to 1 per day.

5. Subnet owners take a 18% cut of the emissions that pass through their subnet. The remaining 82% are split between validators and miners 41% and 41% respectively. **Note that delegates take their further 18% cut out of the 41% distributed to validators not from the total emission in the subnet. ** This means that for people delegating stake to the Opentensor Foundation, or any other delegate, will see a 18% drop in daily emission.

If you have further questions please refer to this document

Or the bittensor docs in general which have been updated today:

More information is provided under these links:

And of course, type your questions into the general channel here for help.

Thank you everyone for being here with us in this monumental upgrade.
Great things to come.

Happy mining,
– Const